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Welcome to the Marisa Industries website. We hope that you will spend some time here today and return frequently as we continually add to and upgrade this site.

Marisa Industries has a strong commitment to quality and service and possesses many years of experience in meeting and exceeding customers' most stringent requirements. Our talented and innovative personnel compete daily for the most outstanding job candidates, and they continually win their unfair share because of the quality of our organization.

If you are a Purchasing Agent, we want you to know that we provide highly qualified personnel and the highest quality of service, at aggressively competitive pricing.

If you are an HR Director, rest assured that our personnel exceed all industry standards for their competence, whether for a day or long-term assignment.

No matter what your role is, turn to Marisa Industries for flexibility in personnel solutions. It's what we do, and we like to think that we do it better than anyone.

Through our affiliation with BAE Industries, we can offer an even wider array of fully integrated services, including concept, design, prototype, manufacturing, assembly and delivery. Please be sure to visit www.baeind.com for complete details.

Marisa welcomes your inquiries and hopes that we can discuss your specific personnel, training and design support needs someday soon. Thank you for visiting us!